Israel. Retail. Tech.

When we think about retail, we think about gigantic consumer markets like US, Europe, and China. Israel is definitely not on the list. But when you add the word tech, as in “RetailTech,” well, now that´s a different story.

The RetailTech ecosystem is growing and rapidly becoming one of the hottest hubs for commerce technologies, with over 250 startups operating across the board from logistics to in-store. These companies are leveraging Israeli´s expertise in deep-tech like the use of computer vision for self-checkout or the application of artificial intelligence for visual search.  


The Shelf, Nielsen Innovate, JVP Play & Deloitte – have joined forces to create the first Israeli RetailTech Landscape, mapping out 100 of the most promising Israeli RetailTech Startups.


Together, the selected 100 startups have raised more than $880M, an average of around $9M per company. In fact, 19 of the companies have raised over $20M, including some mega-rounds raised by category leaders like Trax or Yotpo (both over $100M). Another 20 startups have received investments in the range of $5-20M such as or CommonSense Robotics, and 61 of the featured companies have raised between $100K-5M.    

The map is divided into 14 categories representing every step in the retail value chain:


  1. Last-mile - new services bringing efficiency and optimization to delivery, whether in the form of software management platforms like Bringg or drones solutions like Flytrex.

  2. Warehouse - primarily robotic platforms replacing traditional ways of operating warehouses, disrupting tasks such as picking or packing, like Caja Systems.

  3. Self-checkout - the ultimate shopping experience without queues. Startups help automate the process either through computer vision like TopAutomation or mobile-checkout like Shopic.

  4. Indoor mapping - accurate location services to navigate inside a store, helping customers find their optimal route, like Oriient.

  5. Offline-to-online - technologies enabling interactive solutions integrating the physical world and the digital one, such as ultrasound waves communication platform Dov-e.

  6. Payments - back and front-end architecture to ease payment processes and offer new possibilities for shoppers such as installments like Splitit, or cross-border transactions like Global-e.

  7. Digital Signage - dynamic marketing solutions powering in-store digital screens such as YCD Multimedia and others that can personalize offerings like Mystor-e.

  8. Shelf-monitoring - new solutions offering retailers real-time information about stock levels and out-of-stock predictions such as Wiseshelf.

  9. E-commerce - underlying technologies boosting e-commerce capabilities like visual search startup or AI-powered personalization like Dynamic Yield.

  10. Loyalty programs - next-generation loyalty clubs with personalized offerings from retailers as engines for consumer engagement like Civalue.

  11. AR/VR/3D - new shopping experiences using immersive technologies like Byond or virtual try-on solutions like Zeekit.

  12. Pricing - data is enabling new opportunities for retailers to offer dynamic pricing for shoppers, both online with Feedvisor or in physical stores like Wasteless.

  13. Analytics - retailers can now leverage their data and generate new opportunities to increase sales with prescriptive analytics solutions like Profitect or CB-4.

  14. IoT - connected devices that will automate the shopping process like solutions offered by Kwik or gather real-time data regarding consumer behavior like



The Israeli RetailTech Landscape

This landscape includes a selection of 100 companies classified in 14 different categories. We acknowledge that in some cases, companies and categories may overlap causing some classification discrepancies. We did not intend to present all of the RetailTech startups in Israel, rather a selection of 100 promising startups. If you think your company was mis-categorized or you know a company that should have been included, please reach out to us. Feel free to share this infographic in blog posts, presentation decks, reports, or any other medium.

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